Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the build take?

If all of the parts are available, and after I have received the stripped lower receiver, the build typically takes 2-3 days.

What will WDB Builds need from me?

I will require that you provide a stripped lower receiver for your custom build. I will guide you as to a source, and the best pricing. The reason for this is that “woke” Corporate America has pressured the insurance industry to price liability insurance premiums out of reach for many Type 07 FFL holders. Liability insurance is less in cost for a gunsmithing business model (where you provide a stripped lower receiver) versus a gunsmithing/manufacturing model (where I provide a stripped lower receiver). You will be required to have the stripped lower receiver sent to a FFL other than myself, and you must submit to a background check before taking possession of it.

Where can I have the stripped lower receiver shipped and submit to a background check?

There are two local affordable FFLs that I recommend for this:

Black Dog Sporting Goods, run by Jeff Giles and located at 20436 Lynchburg Hwy, Suite D, Lynchburg, VA, 24502


Ron’s Hunting Supply, Inc., run by Ron Siver and located at 5833 Thomas Jefferson Rd, Forest, VA, 24551

Is WDB Builds licensed?

Yes. WDB Builds has a Type 07 Federal Firearms License for gunsmithing and manufacturing, although WDB Builds is strictly a gunsmithing business model.

What is included in a custom-built AR from WDB Builds?

Before I hand over your custom build, I will perform a barrel break-in protocol and a thorough functions test. Barrel break-in is tedious but necessary. I will also adjust the gas block for optimal performance. Each custom rifle build is optimally tuned and is suitable for home defense, training, and/or hunting where applicable. If you are new  to AR-15 rifles, we’ll go over all operational aspects and controls so that you will be comfortable and safe in operating your new custom build. 

What accuracy can I expect?

My builds are typically capable of bench-rested volleys at 50 yards that can be covered by a quarter.


Typical 6-shot groups at 50 yards. This was with an AR 7.62×39 16-inch barrel at 50 yards at the NRA HQ range, bench beanbag rested.
Why use an adjustable gas block?

A quality adjustable gas block, such as from Superlative Arms or Sentry Rifle Works, regulates the flow of gas to make your rifle perform optimally. Any excess (or unneeded) gas is either bled off or restricted. This results in both reduced muzzle flip and perceived recoil, along with less wear and tear on your rifle. Instead of switching various buffer weights and springs, I prefer to adjust the gas block at the source of gas flow.